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About Us

Finding, Health, Wellness & Inspiration at Every Turn

Belmont Spiritual Health and Wellness Centre was born from the idea that even in a small town community, many approaches to true Wellness should be available to, and easily accessible for everyone.

Here at the Centre, all are welcome to benefit from practitioners of many age old traditions and modern approaches to true physical, spiritual and emotional health.

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Our Story

After experiencing a series of life changing events, which culminated in a state of perpetual illness, Havelock native and true Survivor, Maeghan-Danielis, made the choice to Get Well.

While studying the centuries old tradition of holistic medicine, Maeghan began to understand that Wellness was not simply a linear path, and that overall health depends on a combination of not only physical, but also emotional, spiritual and mental wellness.

With a strong desire to share the gifts of what she has, and continues to learn, the idea of Belmont Spiritual Health and Wellness Centre was born.

We offer Advanced Diabetic Foot Care, Holistic Nutrition & Weight loss Coaching, Weekly Yoga classes, Reiki, Massage, Bowen Therapy, Mani/Pedi, facials and so much more!

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